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hello. my name is æstrid. there are many homepages on the internet but this one is mine. actually, maintaining a home page is kind of a lost art. that's why i have several of them.

i am interested in

here are some of the writings stored in this site

area codes are an important part of telephone numbers, but more basically what is a phone number exactly?

you have probably figured out by this point that i am a phreak. sometimes i attend the seattle 2600 meetings.

i have collected a couple of links.

feelings shit

unlike most people in my profession (computering), i studied something else in school — geography. i have spent a lot of time wandering around cities, both seattle and other places, and in the process formed a lot of… opinions. my relationship with the city of seattle is complex and time-dependent. another city that i appreciate is black rock city.

i acknowledge that i am on the traditional unceded ancestral land of the first people of Seattle, the Duwamish people. i honor with gratitude the land itself and the people of the tribe, past and present.

safe spaces, while much-maligned, are for everyone.


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Æstrid Smith
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