the city of seattle

so i posted this on twitter earlier today

i grew up in a town where the seahawks were a kind of shit team, and i'm not exactly comfortable in a city where the seahawks are good.

— halfwidth girl (@frameslip) November 20, 2016

and i got a number of responses, all focusing on the fact that the seahawks have changed as a team. nobody noted that i used town in the first half and city in the second half.

i think this is the more important aspect of the post, and i have complicated feelings that it was overlooked. i mean, i designed it to be overlooked. it's a small detail and overshadowed by a very relevant observation of consensus reality. (the seahawks were busy winning a game at the time of posting.)

basically, though: i am pleased that it was overlooked by everyone, because i meant for that to be. i like to write my feelings underneath the obvious meaning. i'm a person who doesn't put her feelings out there, for the most part. i feel them strongly but they're not generally to be shared.