stickers are available! for a handful, send a self-addressed envelope[*] to:

please email me or DM on mastodon for a current mailing address.

why do i ask for a SASE instead of like, charging $5? simple! if i have to find an envelope, and then write your name and address on it, and remember to carry it to the post office, that's a bunch of steps and i will never remember to do it. however! if appears in my mailbox an envelope already properly addressed, into which i can simply stuff a handful of stickers, turn around, and dump it into the "outgoing mail" box before i leave the post office, it's much more likely to go out in a timely fashion. still, no guarantees. (for example, i often don't have enough stickers in my purse, maybe because i gave them to the clerk at the doctor's office who was having a shit day courtesy of their data terminal.)

if you think my style sucks ass, you require faster service, you would rather involve visa and stripe and your bank than mail an envelope, or you have desires for attachment beyond what stickers can satisfy, check out the merch that anti software software club is hawking.

what is fuck computers?

mechanization concentrates wealth.
automation concentrates decisionmaking, an act which is power.

computers are the most efficient and most effective tool yet created for the concentration of social power among the wealthy.

fuck computers

two stacks of 250 stickers, each reading 'fuck computers' in white on black

[*] instead of a stamp, please enclose either an international reply coupon or something interesting that's worth about USD $2. failure to enclose a properly-addressed envelope will delay your service regardless of your location.