Thats not your fucking slur'

Content notice: this page discusses and links to a transphobic slur being claimed by cisgender people.

Earlier this week I was cruising around on Facebook and ran across this post. There are seventeen images in the post, decrying use of the slurs shemale, you're a pussy, just kill me, retarded, n word, like a girl, rape, that's so gay, runs like a girl, coward, what are you, whore, you're a failure, nigga or nigger, spaz, that's retarded, that's gay, fag, no homo, and man up. This public service ad campaign is pretty high on the list of well-meaning terrible things I've seen. Like, I won't even talk about how it reuses a few of them, and most of these slurs are things that I can't address on a personal level.

But I really, really don't like to see cis people trying to reclaim a slur that's not aimed at them. And what is this bullshit about femininity? Since when .... what???